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Cotton Mask w/ Antimicrobial Finish - Adult Size

These incredibly soft and comfortable face masks have been tested in the USA by Nelson Labs, an FDA-registered, leader in laboratory testing.

These face masks are washable and re-useable.  They are made from 100% Cotton with an EPA-registered antimicrobial finish that lasts up to 25 washes.  Available in size Medium/Large, each mask set comes with 10 replaceable filters.  Additional filters may be purchased separately in 10 and 30 packs.   

  • STYLE: This face mask comes with 1 re-useable face mask along with 10 replaceable and disposable filters. 
  • SIZE & FIT: Face mask is wide enough to cover your nose, mouth, and chin. Contours to fit your face for superior comfort. This face mask comes in size Medium/Large.  Size Chart
  • FILTERS: There are 10 filters included with this face mask. For best use, it is recommended to change and dispose of the filter daily. To change the filter, turn the mask over and slide the used filter out. The filter ends will slightly stick out of both sides when in place. Filters have gone through Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Particulate Filtration Efficiency testing. All face mask filters are made in the USA. Filters are melt blown polypropylene and “fused” onto a layer of positively charged spunbound polypropylene.
  • CARE: Face masks are machine washable and reusable. For machine wash, put in delicate cycle.
  • MATERIAL: Made of 100% Cotton w/ antimicrobial finish, making this antimicrobial face mask, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Incredibly soft and comfortable yarns making the face mask long-lasting, and durable.
  • ORIGIN OF MANUFACTURING:  Filters are made in the USA.  Masks are made in Sri Lanka

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    Cotton Mask w/ Antimicrobial Finish - Adult Size
    Cotton Mask w/ Antimicrobial Finish - Adult Size
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